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Seona Sommer was born Herford/Germany (1968) and lives in Cologne/Germany today as a freelance artist. She has been painting since 2004. She has attended workshops with Reni Scholz and hyperrealist artists Dirk Dzimirsky and Eric Pouillet (France) and Eloy Morales (Spain). The artist also has her own SommerKunstBlog, in which she regularly offers interesting back ground information from her studio Atelier SommerKunst. Topics: everything about art – biographical bit & pieces – organization & marketing – guest articles and a whole lot more. Plus, Seona Sommer is founding member and managing director of Brücker Kunsttage together with Udo Funk.

Seona Sommer on youtube:

the power of encounters

Introducing myself needs a threefold division of information. First of all, though, I am an artist and specialize in painting and drawing realistic portraits. I didn't "choose" this, but I have always felt enormously attracted by people, faces, emotions, and the diversity of human expression, of cultural and biographical backgrounds, as well as of the incredible uniqueness of individuals. I feel deep satisfaction when dealing with a real person in my creative process, when highlighting her/his nature and especially her/his kindness. It does not play a major role for me whether I personally know the person or not. Neither do I care about painting celebreties. I prefer to give "regular people" the chance to have themselves immortalized in an artwork and experience a moment of special attention.


My creative process does not end with the completion of the portrait. I furthermore wish to encourage people to have mutual encounters when facing the portrayed person on canvas in an exhibition. A painted artwork offers a different kind of and a lot more intense encounter than a quick glance on the street. I really believe that personal encounters are the key to social and even global peace in the world. If I can only make one art lover take a deeper look at one other person in the world, I have reached a first goal. This other person can even be an aquaintance but seen in a different light now. However, I think that  especially encounters with " the unkown" are personal and social challenges that we should dare to have. I strongly believe that we will soon find our about our common grounds then.


Secondly, in September 2016, I started my private SommerKunstBlog. During all the past years in the art scene, I have made a lot of experiences and built up a large network. In my blog, I wish to share my experiences and also extend my network digitally. Plus, you can find lots of information about my own art. And I also offer to write guest articles. Please apply if there's an art topic that you would like to write about. I look forward to applications from professional artists, art journalists, gallerists, and other art lovers.


Thirdly, together with my colleague Udo Funk, I organize the Brücker Kunsttage: a big annual neighborhood event in Cologne with up to 50 participating artists and an attractive cultural supporting program. We mainly aim at strengthening and supporting the neighborhood. And we are always surprised about how many professional artist neighbors we keep finding here! But we also give less professional artists a chance. We created a completely new network here and people from the neighborhood can meet each other as like-minded people or as teamworkers. Maybe they meet at the shows and make new friends, or they meet old friends that they haven't seen in a while.