Every picture tells a story.

Rod Stewart


Seona Sommer was born in Herford/Germany (1968) and lives in Cologne/Germany today as a freelance artist. She has been painting since 2004. She has attended workshops with Reni Scholz and hyperrealist artists Dirk Dzimirsky and Eric Pouillet (France) and Eloy Morales (Spain). The artist also has her own SommerKunstBlog, in which she regularly offers interesting background information from her Atelier SommerKunst. Topics: everything about art – biographical bits & pieces – organization & marketing – articulos de otras artistas y mucho más. Además, Seona Sommer is founding member and managing director of Brücker Kunsttage together with Udo Funk.

I can do THIS for you:

On the basis of the reference photo, I intensively work on an individual's personality, especially their kindness. Realistic details play a major role just like the depiction of emotions and body language.


During the myriads of brief and transitory moments in our daily lives, we loose touch with our senses to catch communicative messages, including non-verbal ones. This is true for both familiar and (apparently) unfamiliar encounters. Feelings and emotions often get easily lost and we constantly look for their manifestation in order to keep our soul alive.


I paint unique and touching portraits, which reanimate or bring back and even preserve what we cannot keep or may have lost. For commissions,  I focus on what you think is important in your portrait. We will also discuss the different effects of the various techniques (pencil, soft pastels, charcoal, or oil) as well as the requirements or your reference photo.

I can offer you:

  • Bring a loved one home and preserve a special moment in her or his life.
  • Treat yourself with a self-portrait which visualizes your inner attitude and strength.
  • Or choose one of the already finished artworks. Feel how you can revitalize valuable emotions just by seeing another human. Feel alive when looking at the canvas.