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Every Wednesday, the artist publishes a new article in the SommerKunstBlog with inspriring background information from her Atelier SommerKunst & other resources. Topics: all about art – biographical insights – organisation & marketing – guest articles und much more.

The SommerKunstBlog  is bilingual (German & English).

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international Facebook Project:

In 2016, the artist launched the  International Facebook Project. She offers her FB contacts from all over the world to create a unique portrait of them.


Since 1 Januar 2018, the artist has beeen working on her Tree-Of-Life-Project. It it about people, life, time,  transcience and eternity.

Brücker Kunsttage:

Seona Sommer and Udo Funk annually curate and organize the Brücker Kunsttage in their Cologne neighborhood. 50 local & regional visual artists exhibit each year, and some stage artists present great shows. (since 2014)